Why Do People Need Mobile Insurance?

Are you thinking of upgrading your smartphone or tablet? But you are confused between upgrade or cell phone protection.

In this article, we are going to discuss Mobile Insurance scenario in detail: 

cell phone break

There are some important facts about Mobile Insurance that you must know:

Replacement of phone is expensive than the deductible

If you want to replace your phone, it will be expensive than deducting the pay for your phone with insurance, you’ll still come out way ahead. The average cost of a non-contract smartphone— is the one that doesn’t come for some remarkably low price. There are several mobile insurance providers such as Sfam which allow you to make the best decision for your mobile.

Replacement option is available

In case you are thinking of replacing the phone, regardless of whether or not it is under warranty.

easy file claim

Easy File Claim 

Filing a mobile insurance claim is not a pain in the neck and you will not be on hold for hours, Rather it is very easy. You can claim insurance within 24 hours a day, seven-week a day, online or on the phone.

Risky outdoor repairs

Outside repairs are risky because you don’t always have an option to fix when it breaks. Therefore, surplus money is invested in mobile repairs. But if your phone has insurance then you can claim for a replacement that cost you negligible as compared to buying a new device.

Peace of mind is granted

Phone Insurance is generally a peace of mind for the client. You’re taking a risk without phone insurance.

Customizable Insurance policy

Today clients have high expectations for the business in all industries. Insurance providers provide customizable services specific to the client’s device and coverage needs.

Reward Pricing Model

reward pricing

According to research, it has been found that consumers are interested in taking the idea of letting premiums go down as policies go longer without a claim. Mobile Insurance companies embrace reward pricing strike the right balance between low cost and great experience

Mobile insurance is willing to cover loss, damage or even stolen smartphones. Long-term insurance pays off much faster than having to replace with another device altogether. It gives you peace of mind. Some wireless providers offer an extended warranty program. Check here to learn how smartphone apps are delivering insurance service in just the touch of your finger.